This project has recently changed its name. Wherever you see friendly_traceback, replace it simply by friendly.

Using with Mu

Before using friendly with Mu

I have created a test module, called test.py, that raises and exception. First, I show what happens when I run test.py with Mu.

Mu running test_problem

Using friendly with Mu

To use friendly with Mu, I need to use a second, very short program, and run that program instead:

from friendly.mu import run
Mu with friendly running test_problem

As should be expected, a traceback is shown, with a hint added. By typing why() at the prompt, friendly gives me more information.

You likely will not be surprised to know that I can ask friendly to provide explanations in French instead:

Mu with friendly running test_problem


Find a way to produce coloured output in Mu’s REPL after code execution. Note that this REPL is not a Jupyter QtConsole, unlike what was shown about Mu’s REPL before.