Source code for ideas.examples.decimal_math

This replaces any explicit float by a Decimal.
It can be used either as a custom codec or import hook.

from ideas import custom_encoding, import_hook
import token_utils

[docs]def source_init(): """Adds required import""" return "from decimal import Decimal\n"
[docs]def transform_source(source, **_kwargs): """Simple transformation: replaces any explicit float by a Decimal. By defining this function, we can also make use of Ideas' console. """ tokens = token_utils.tokenize(source) for token in tokens: if token.is_number() and "." in token.string: token.string = f"Decimal('{token.string}')" return token_utils.untokenize(tokens)
def register(): custom_encoding.register_encoding( encoding_name="decimal_math", transform_source=transform_source, hook_name=__name__, )
[docs]def add_hook(**_kwargs): """Creates and automatically adds the import hook in sys.meta_path""" hook = import_hook.create_hook( hook_name=__name__, source_init=source_init, transform_source=transform_source, ) return hook