This project is being split into 3 separate projects:

  • friendly_traceback,

  • friendly, and

  • friendly_idle.

The documentation does not reflect this change.

If you are a end-user, just install friendly until further notice.



mu_logo If you use Mu, you should ignore this page as some Mu-specific instructions are provided later.


You can install friendly from PyPI in the usual way:

python -m pip install friendly

This needs to be done from a terminal. In the command shown above, python refers to whatever you need to type to invoke your favourite Python interpreter. It could be python, python3, py -3.8, etc.

Instead of python -m pip install ..., some tutorials might suggest to simply write pip install ...; I do not recommend this as it might not install programs in the right “environment” for your computer.

Mistake to avoid

A mistake often made by beginners is to try to use pip from within Python.

error using pip inside a Python console

The error message is not very helpful. This is what it might look if you had already been using friendly.

error using pip inside a friendly console