This project is being split into 3 separate projects:

  • friendly_traceback,

  • friendly, and

  • friendly_idle.

The documentation does not reflect this change.

If you are a end-user, just install friendly until further notice.


Occasionally, friendly will not recognize an exception, or a given message associated with that exception:

SomeError: never seen before

In this case, you can use the function www() which will open your default web browser and do an internet search for "SomeError: never seen before" using DuckDuckGo.

The same is true if you find that the explanation given by friendly is not enough for you.

Searching using DDG

If no exception has been raised, calling www() will open friendly’s documentation instead.

Optional arguments

www() is a convenience function that uses Python’s webbrowser module to open a page in the default web browser. It can also take one of the following optional arguments:

  • www('friendly'): go to friendly’s documentation site.

  • www('python'): go to Python’s documentation site for the Python version currently used by the program from which it is invoked.

  • www('bug'): go to the Github’s issue page for friendly.

  • www('email'): uses the default browser configuration to invoke an email app to start a new email to be sent to me (andre.roberge@gmail.com). If you do not have a Github account, you can definitely use this option to communicate with me.

All string arguments passed to why() are case-insensitive.

Note that www() is a recent addition to friendly and that its behaviour is subject to change based on received feedback.